TWS Bluetooth headset: 8 major chip brands launched 18 solutions

Bluetooth 5.0 has come comprehensively
Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that can theoretically connect short distances between devices up to 100 meters away. In practice, we usually use an effective distance of about 10 meters when using small devices.
The biggest feature of Bluetooth is that it enables mobile communication devices and computers to network and transmit data and messages without cables. It is now widely used in mobile phones, media players and various smart homes.
The new Bluetooth 5.0 is not only backward compatible with older versions, but also offers the advantage of higher speed and longer transmission distances.

Compared to the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and faster speed. The theoretical effective distance is 300 meters, which means that the mobile devices in the entire family or the entire office can be stably connected.
There is also a significant increase and optimization in transmission rate and latency, making it possible to use wireless device applications that require more information and faster response.

In terms of practical use, the high transmission bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 also makes the bilateral call of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset possible, and the higher bit rate audio playback is also natural.

13 major brands of 40 mobile phones
Bluetooth 5.0 is supported on the hardware

According to my love audio network statistics, there are currently 13 brands of 40 mobile phones supporting Bluetooth 5.0 on the hardware.
It lays a solid foundation for the explosive growth of the Bluetooth 5.0 product market in the next few years. AIDA64 adds a new utility: check if your phone supports Bluetooth 5.0.
Next, I love the audio network to take a look at the main control chips of the main Bluetooth TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market. For the specific product models, please refer to the following list (list, introduction order according to A-Z).
After reading the second, the mainstream TWS headset solution in the second half of 2018!

I. Airoha

Airoha network AB1526P

The Airoha AB1526P supports Bluetooth V5.0 with built-in baseband and transmitter for high-fidelity audio applications, and supports wideband voice defined by dual microphones for better noise reduction and echo cancellation. Supports A2DP, HFP, HSP and AVRCP.
The Airoha AB1526P embeds serial flash memory for more flexible support for client software upgrades and third-party software migration. With an optimized MCU architecture, interface layout and better DSP algorithms, the Airoha Link AB1526P delivers higher performance and voice and music quality in most Bluetooth audio applications.
In addition, the Airoha Link AB1526P also supports TWS one-two and two-way calls compared to the previous generation Airoha Link AB1526.

Airoha AB1532

Airoha's latest low-power chip AB1532 supports Bluetooth 5.0+EDR. Built-in high-performance DSP, support High-Res high-resolution music, high-middle and low-frequency automatic compensation. Support multi-MIC, a variety of peripheral interfaces, easy to adjust the tap / touch / light sensor.
The connection method between TWS adopts a new communication method, avoiding the patent of Apple Shuangtong, and is compatible with all mobile phones regardless of platform. At the same time, better RF characteristics, simple antenna design and strong anti-interference.
Low power consumption, the current is less than 10mA when the left and right ears work. Low latency, and mobile phone delay is less than 130ms, left and right ear delay time is less than 25us. The main and auxiliary machine seamless switching time is less than 20ms.
Compared with the previous AB1526P chip, it adds a variety of customized applications such as low-power voice wake-up, local voice settings, and environmental monitoring. It also has a “Share me” function that supports 2 pairs of TWS connections (4 headphones).


AppoTech has been committed to providing high-quality Bluetooth solutions to the industry, and to meet the market's combination of intelligent control and traditional audio applications, to make Bluetooth products more diversified.
I love the audio network and learned that AppoTech has launched two TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset solutions CW6626B and CW6693D.

AppoTech CW6626B

The Jianrong CW6626B is a high-performance 51-core mixed-signal microprocessor that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.0/3.0/2.1+EDR mode. The Jianrong CW6626B integrates advanced digital and analog peripheral components to meet the needs of different applications.
Jianrong CW6626B uses a 51-chip microcontroller core that is compatible with the MCS-51TM microcontroller instruction set for subsequent development.
In terms of Bluetooth, it integrates Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/BLE mode, built-in RF receiver and transmitter, supports TWS mode, and can form true wireless Bluetooth stereo.
Built-in audio decoder, support MP3, SBC and other audio decoding, support 16-bit stereo DAC, signal-to-noise ratio of 90dB, support EQ accelerator.

Jianrong CW6626B built-in LDO, step-down DC-DC, battery charging. Available in TSSOP20 package. Support battery voltage 2.7-4.25V, charging input voltage 4.75-5.75V, built-in call audio improvement algorithm, built-in floating point processor, built-in 135K SRAM, built-in 4M FLASH.

AppoTech CW6693D

Jianrong CW6693D is a dual-core high-performance mixed-signal processor consisting of 51 core MCU and 32-bit DSP. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, ye tong shi can be backward compatible. Jianrong CW6693D integrates advanced digital and analog peripherals to meet different application requirements. .
Jianrong CW6693D Single chip integrated Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/BLE, supports TWS mode, integrated RF transmit and receive, Gaussian frequency shift keying -90dBm (typical).
Audio hardware supports MP3/SBC/mSBC decoding, mSBC encoding, hardware AEC and EQ acceleration, 16-bit stereo digital-to-analog converter with 90dB SNR, 16-bit stereo analog-to-digital converter with 83dB SNR, differential audio output and fixed The voice recognition function of the instruction.
Audio software supports full decoding; echo (rerverb), full mode vocal, magic sound (shifting), subwoofer sound combination, call quality improvement (double mic active noise reduction); in self-research or IP authorization form Under, can support all sound processing on the market.

In terms of power management, the built-in BUCK DC/DC converter supports BUCK mode. The chip is packaged in QFN32 with built-in floating point processor, 139K SRAM and 4M FLASH.


Actions ATS300X
Actions ATS300X series is a high-quality Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is the next-generation Bluetooth headset product launched by the torch core. It is small in size, versatile, and has a compact outer surface that can be flexibly adapted to various molds.
Actions ATS300X features high sound quality, low power consumption, and stable Bluetooth performance for true Bluetooth wireless headset (TWS) and smart Bluetooth voice. In addition, the ATS300X has a complete configuration tool and mass production test tools, but also has a very cost-effective, affordable price.

The Actions ATS300X series features a built-in 150MHz MIPS32 processor, digital microphone and analog microphone input, built-in 18mW stereo headphone amplifier, Bluetooth V5.0 support, and Bluetooth V2.1~V4.2 compatibility.
This solution is mainly for portable Bluetooth headset products, featuring low power consumption, built-in ROM and large-capacity RAM, which can largely meet the needs of different Bluetooth applications.



BES BES2300 is a fully integrated adaptive active noise reduction solution, supporting Bluetooth 5.0, LBRT low frequency forwarding technology and dual mode Bluetooth 4.2. It also supports third generation FWS full wireless stereo technology, dual microphone, and support for dynamic master-slave switching. Support AI voice assistant, official data shows that the average power consumption can be 6mA, etc., using 28nm, BGA package.
Support for noise reduction technology, especially high-performance adaptive active noise reduction technology, allows high-end active noise canceling headphones to achieve high sound quality and active noise reduction using a fully integrated chip.
BES BES2300 also supports external heart rate sensors, accelerometers and other external sensor devices and eMMC flash memory, which can achieve the purpose of playing music on external storage devices.
The BES Hengxuan BES2300 can output sound to headphones and home audio, as well as from an external microphone.

In addition, LBRT (Low Band (10-15MHz) Bluetooth Retransmission Technology) low frequency forwarding is used between the primary and secondary headphones of the BES BES2300.
LBRT low-frequency forwarding technology uses low-frequency frequency band to communicate with the main and auxiliary headphones. Specifically, the audio is transmitted to the main headphones through Bluetooth in the traditional way, and then the primary and secondary headphones are synchronized through the low-frequency forwarding technology.


Broadcom BCM43436

Broadcom BCM43436 Mono Bluetooth audio chip.

Cypress recently introduced a new Bluetooth audio product that provides a leading performance experience for wireless headsets and listening device users. Based on Wireless Audio Stereo Sync (WASS) applications and the CYW20721 Bluetooth and Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) audio MCU, the solution provides a very stable and reliable wireless connection for wireless headsets, allowing users to enjoy a differentiated performance experience.

Compared to other TWS true wireless solutions, the Cypress WASS solution has a 6dB higher link budget, which is equivalent to doubling the effective transmission distance. Longer transmission distances and the addition of WASS applications mean greater “wearing” performance, and users can enjoy an uninterrupted headphone audio experience even when they are placed in a back pocket or on their wrists. At the same time, the chip's power consumption is 50% lower than similar products, thus doubling the playback time, or reducing the size of the battery, making it possible to design and manufacture thinner and lighter devices.
The WASS software used in the highly integrated CYW20721 chip is the result of innovations in headsets, mobile devices and virtual reality over the past 15 years. In addition, multi-mode Bluetooth/BLE MCUs offer a number of features that are important to consumers, such as language control, cloud-based voice services, and more.



REALTEK RTL8763B is a complete TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integrated solution, supports Bluetooth 5.0, supports HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRDP 1.6, SPP 1.2, PDAP 1.0, supports binaural calling, 32-bit ARM processor, 24-bit DSP, running at up to 160MHz, built-in 8Mbits Flash memory.
REALTEK RTL8763B has built-in lithium battery charge management and built-in battery protection devices such as overvoltage, overcurrent and undervoltage protection. In terms of scalability, it supports three LED drivers, supports touch IC control, supports analog and digital microphone inputs, and supports dual microphones.
REALTEK RTL8763B In terms of noise reduction, it supports noise reduction and ambient sound monitoring mode. It can be said to be a high-performance all-round TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integration solution.
It is reported that REALTEK Realtek's latest Bluetooth audio solution will also be available, REALTEK Realtek RTL877X, supports Bluetooth 5.0.


Qualcomm CSR8675

Qualcomm CSR8675 supports Bluetooth V5.0 and introduces active noise reduction technology on CSR chips for the first time, making it the world's first Bluetooth audio system-on-chip to integrate ANC's flagship audio solution.
Qualcomm CSR8675 This SoC's new fully integrated feature eliminates the need for separate stand-alone ANC chips, reducing the complex cost of active noise reduction in headphones, enabling manufacturers to achieve good sound quality in smaller product designs. Noise reduction effect.

The Qualcomm CSR8675 includes an upgraded digital signal processor core that delivers up to 120MIPS of processing performance compared to the previous generation 80MIPS DSP, so the new Qualcomm CSR8675 supports advanced audio processing algorithms to deliver enhanced audio with superior quality. performance.
In addition, Qualcomm CSR8675 SoC supports 24bit digital audio, which enables CSR8675-based devices to output high-definition audio to meet the growing needs of high-end users.
The Qualcomm CSR8675 also supports aptX low-latency technology, so you can watch videos with virtually no latency using wireless headphones.

Qualcomm QCC3026
Qualcomm QCC3026 supports Bluetooth V5.0 with enhanced TrueWireless stereo technology for enhanced performance at lower power and higher price/performance. In terms of binaural connectivity, the enhanced  TrueWireless stereo protocol and improved RF provide a stable overall wireless connection for a more low-latency dual-headphone simultaneous playback experience.
Qualcomm QCC3026 audio transmission, Bluetooth V5.0 higher transmission bandwidth can better support aptX audio technology, enjoy higher quality wireless Bluetooth audio. cVc noise reduction technology supports background noise and echo suppression for a quieter and more seamless user experience.