PEPS Bluetooth solution

 Imagine that: In daily traffic travel, the owner only needs to approach the vehicle, he can directly pull the door to enter the car, start the car to the destination, and only need to take his belongings and get off the car. In this whole process, the intelligence is convenient and comfortable, and it also gives people the feeling of high-end and high-end.

Keyless entry refers to an intelligent system that uses RFID radio frequency technology and vehicle identification. Specifically, the mobile phone is matched with the vehicle through Bluetooth. The vehicle will sense it within a certain distance and automatically unlock the door; and when the mobile phone leaves the vehicle for a certain distance, the vehicle will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft alert state. In other words, we don't need to use a traditional key or remote control to open the door of the vehicle. The owner only needs to bring the mobile phone into the sensing area to unlock the vehicle.

Over the years, Bluetooth technology has served as the link between the car and the driver, which has continuously enriched the driving experience while improving safety. Nowadays, Bluetooth technology has once again changed the relationship between cars and car owners, and has become a new technology and new standard for car keyless entry.

There are two main applications of Bluetooth in the car: one is audio transmission, and the other is data transmission. Bluetooth is the standard configuration of smart phones, and it has a high universality. It can be used by all brands of mobile phones and is very convenient. Therefore, using smart phones as key fobs has become an increasingly popular trend for keyless entry in cars. At the same time, Bluetooth technology has unified communication standards, has a huge ecosystem, and has obvious cost-effective advantages, making it a widely recognized keyless entry solution.

As an industry-leading Bluetooth solution provider and a national high-tech enterprise, BLM World Limited has rich experience in electronic product development. For car keyless entry solutions, we uses Bluetooth low energy module to connect the mobile APP and the car, so as to realize keyless unlocking, starting, locking, controlling the trunk, finding the car, authorizing the car, etc. Function.


Our PEPS Bluetooth solution module isBLM-40Q01C ,based on TI CC2640R2F chipset. It is a BLE single-mode module that meets the AEC-Q100 automotive specification level 2 temperature range (-40~+105). It is a Bluetooth device for low-power sensors and message transmission; it has a radio , Bluetooth protocol stack, configuration files and the required space for customer applications, providing flexible hardware interfaces for connecting sensors. It can be directly powered by a standard 3V button battery or a pair of AAA batteries. In the lowest power shutdown mode, it only consumes 0.15uA and wakes up within a few microseconds.

At the same time, the Bluetooth antenna solution based on TI's car-grade Bluetooth chip CC2640R2F, in conjunction with service providers that provide car manufacturers with automotive electronic systems, through cross-technology integration, realizes a new Bluetooth PEPS solution for keyless entry and keyless start of mobile phones. By deploying multiple Bluetooth antennas around the car, using the mobile phone APP to capture the Bluetooth broadcast signal strength, combined with the algorithm, determine the location of the mobile phone from the vehicle, so as to execute unlock or lock instructions and start the engine and other functions.


Advantages of our PEPS Bluetooth solution as follows:

1. Convenient and fast: No need to carry the car key, use the widely used mobile phone for interactive work. Realize a mobile phone to control a car;

2. Safe and reliable: hardware encryption and storage technology ensure communication security. The encryption and decryption of data in the virtual key system is completed by an encryption chip, and the key is stored by the encryption chip to ensure the safety of the data encryption, decryption and storage process;

3. Lower power consumption: using BLE low-power Bluetooth technology, lower power consumption;

4. Car-level Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 low-power chip solution, car-level inspection and mass production experience;

5. Positioning algorithm: using multiple Bluetooth antennas to achieve precise positioning of the mobile phone close to the vehicle;

6. Identity authentication: After the mobile phone completes the identity authentication with the vehicle, the door can be opened, started, and vehicle status information can be obtained, which greatly improves the convenience;

7. Provide API: Provide API for mobile APP development.