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It is undeniable that UWB and Bluetooth AoA are high-precision positioning technologies that have attracted attention in terms of technical performance and ecological strength. But in fact, there are more than these two types of positioning technologies o... View More>>
There are many kinds of Wi-Fi modules. The most popular one is the serial Wi-Fi module, that is, UART interface Wi-Fi module, UART Wi-Fi module can be easily connected to the product's MCU without a driver. Some UART Wi-Fi modules have their own MCU, and ... View More>>
As we know, UWB wireless positioning system is a high-precision real-time positioning. What is the real-time positioning in the system? Indoor real-time positioning plays a very important role in system personnel management, material management, route sea... View More>>
In daily life, everyone is familiar with Bluetooth and Wifi communication. They are both wireless communication technologies. Now UWB wireless communication is gradually becoming popular with the promotion of AirTag, so what is the difference between Blue... View More>>
UWB, Bluetooth, RFID, and other indoor positioning technologies are widely used in various fields. UWB indoor positioning technology is developing rapidly, and become one of the most technology in the field of high-precision indoor positioning.... View More>>
For the Bluetooth gateway netwrok, how to choose Bluetooth gateway, do you require Bluetooth 5.0 wifi gateway?... View More>>
When engineers start Bluetooth application development, there are some choices: Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth module, and Bluetooth PCBA. Then how do make the choice for the Bluetooth audio project?... View More>>
BLM World recommends that customers change to the QCC3034 audio module. What are the differences and similarities between these two modules? BLM World has CSR8675 module (BLM-BTM875) and QCC3034 module (BLM-BTM334), here is 2 modules information... View More>>
Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be used for indoor positioning. BLM World Limited's Bluetooth positioning mainly includes Bluetooth gateway network side positioning and Bluetooth beacon terminal-side positioning. WiFi positioning requires the deployment of A... View More>>
In the industrial Internet of Things scenario, a wireless network is required to support. Common wireless networks include NB-IoT and 5G of the wide area network. Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee and other networks in the network and local area network to choose f... View More>>
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