Real-time positioning in UWB positioning system

 As we know, UWB wireless positioning system is a high-precision real-time positioning. What is the real-time positioning in the system? Indoor real-time positioning plays a very important role in system personnel management, material management, route search, etc. According to different scenarios, the requirements for positioning systems are different, and the key functional requirements are also different. Following is the real-time positioning function of the UWB positioning system.


UWB wireless positioning system real-time positioning application scenarios.

Actually, there will be real-time positioning function display in scenarios where UWB wireless positioning system is used, such as coal mines, chemical plants, power plants, and factory parks. The application of real-time positioning functions can implement personnel safety management more intelligently and grasp the distribution of personnel. As well as scheduling management, it has brought an intellectual leap to enterprise management.

UWB wireless positioning system real-time positioning application role

UWB wireless real-time positioning mainly realizes the intelligentization of personnel safety management through accurate personnel positioning, electronic fences, abnormal alarms, historical trajectories, behavior analysis, and other methods.

Accurate personnel positioning: Real-time display of the location and detailed information of on-site workers, visitors, and other personnel through the 2d/3d map in the positioning system, to achieve visualized management of the personnel in the factory.

Electronic fence: According to the actual needs of the company, the target area is freely designated for electronic fences, and the violations such as intrusion, approaching, and overtime work under the electronic fence is alarmed to realize flexible scope management.

Historical trajectory: records the historical trajectory of personnel and vehicles, which is convenient for personnel behavior analysis and event tracing, and provides data support for safety management.

Video linkage, one-key alarm, behavior monitoring: these are the main manifestations of real-time positioning functions, through the analysis of personnel behavior.


Real-time positioning analysis of UWB wireless positioning system

Real-time positioning of the system is mainly aimed at the analysis of the current working conditions of the on-site personnel. The system needs to accurately identify the behavior states of the personnel such as stationary and abnormal trajectory. To do a good job of behavior analysis, it is necessary to accurately grasp the various states involved in the work content of the personnel, and it is also necessary to compare the personal daily behavior data of the employees.