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F-6990 is a bluetooth 5.2 module, it’s audio + data dual mode, based on Beken BK3288 chip.... View More>>
BLM World recommends that customers change to the QCC3034 audio module. What are the differences and similarities between these two modules? BLM World has CSR8675 module (BLM-BTM875) and QCC3034 module (BLM-BTM334), here is 2 modules information... View More>>
BLM World Limited is a high-tech enterprise focusing on IoT data transmission, data collection, remote control, indoor and outdoor positioning systems. We provide Bluetooth beacons, Bluetooth gateways, Bluetooth modules, customized development of softwar... View More>>
For the Bluetooth BLE device design, how to choose Bluetoth LE module, it depends on Bluetooth chip, power consumption or other factors?... View More>>
Aliexpress store BLM IOT is a bluetooth module and beacon supplier.... View More>>
Audio+data transmission ,dual-mode bluetooth module... View More>>
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