An introduction for BLM World Limited’s BLE beacons

BLM World Limited is a high-tech enterprise focusing on IoT data transmission, data collection, remote control, indoor and outdoor positioning systems.

We provide Bluetooth beacons, Bluetooth gateways, Bluetooth modules, customized development of software and hardware, system integration, and industry solutions, etc.

We have rich experience in hardware design and software development. On the basis of fully understanding customer needs, we provide customers with overall competitive solutions, shorten customer product development time, and improve product competitiveness.


What is the working principle of Bluetooth beacon?

Bluetooth terminal positioning is composed of a terminal device (such as a smart phone embedded with an SDK software package) and a Bluetooth beacon. In the area that needs to be positioned, Bluetooth beacons are deployed. Generally, at least three Bluetooth beacons are required. The positioning algorithm requires at least three. The RSSI value of each point can accurately calculate the positioning;

Bluetooth beacon will broadcast a data packet to the surroundings at regular intervals;

When a terminal device (a Bluetooth host role such as a smart phone) enters the signal coverage range of a Bluetooth beacon, the terminal device will perform a scanning action and receive data packets broadcast by the Bluetooth beacon at intervals;

When the terminal device receives a Bluetooth beacon broadcast packet, it will identify which Bluetooth beacon the broadcast packet comes from, and calculate the current specific location of the terminal device through the built-in positioning algorithm and interaction with the map engine database.


What are the application scenarios of Bluetooth beacons?

Indoor Positioning: In complex environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, airports, libraries, gymnasiums, underground garages, goods, warehouses, etc., rapid positioning of personnel and objects can be achieved. Large supermarkets hope to use indoor positioning technology to provide real-time guidance services for consumers who come to shop. At the same time, they provide corresponding marketing services based on location. Patients should be monitored to prevent accidents; high-risk chemical plants need to locate and manage personnel to prevent safety accidents. Indoor positioning has broad market prospects in retail, catering, logistics, manufacturing, chemical, power, medical and other industries.

Information push: Near-field information push based on geographic location, such as on-site data, meeting process sharing

Patrol system: such as high-speed railway stations, subway stations, communities, etc. cleaning staff punch in and sign in

Indoor Positioning: Large-scale public scene positioning such as shopping malls and airports

Smart parking lot: Reverse car search, parking space management

Smart warehousing: Goods management, asset management

Online explanation of tourist attractions, museums, etc.

Offline customer advertising, coupon push, precision marketing.


Introduction to application scenarios:

1.     Application of Bluetooth Beacon in Active Patrol Management System

Traditional patrol equipment and mechanisms are not very sound, and the hidden dangers on the scene cannot be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Very serious consequences are prone to occur. In addition, there is no data to rely on during the patrol process, resulting in repeated patrols and disparity in priority, resulting in patrol management. Work brings a lot of blindness and passivity. BLM World Limited’s Bluetooth beacon is a typical application of the active patrol management system solution that incorporates the new Internet of Things Bluetooth low energy technology.

The solution is highly intelligent, convenient to use, low deployment cost, simple to maintain, and data is safe and accurate. It can timely and effectively supervise the patrol process of duty personnel, which is more conducive to improving standardization, scientific and data management, and effectively solve the current situation. A series of problems such as difficulty in patrol management and inadequate monitoring.

By deploying one or more Bluetooth beacons at the points that need to be patrolled, patrol personnel do not need to wear additional equipment, but only need to scan the Bluetooth beacons deployed at the patrol point through the APP installed on handheld devices such as smart phone walkie-talkies, and Mark the location corresponding to each iBeacon in the background. When passing the patrol point, turn on the patrol APP. After the mobile phone scans the broadcast signal of the iBeacon base station, upload the corresponding sign-in information to the background storage via the mobile phone network. Monitor the patrol time, patrol track, etc. of patrol personnel throughout the process.


2. Application of Bluetooth beacons in asset management

Managed assets to install Bluetooth beacons

Bluetooth beacon is broadcast, and the Bluetooth broadcast contains the MAC address, and the Bluetooth beacon and the asset are bound one-to-one through a unique MAC address.

Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast of the Bluetooth beacon, and judges the area where the asset is located based on the received signal strength.

Bluetooth gateway transmits data to the server via Ethernet or WI-FI or 4G, which is convenient for customers to carry out asset inventory and regional positioning.


3.     Bluetooth beacon applied to reverse car search  

Deploy bluetooth beacons in all parking lots, and broadcast bluetooth beacons at intervals

Mobile phone turns on the Bluetooth, receives the data of the Bluetooth beacon, uploads it to the server, interacts with the built-in positioning algorithm and the map engine database, and conducts real-time navigation to find a car.


4.     Bluetooth beacons are used in indoor positioning and navigation

In shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibition centers, museums, airports, high-speed rail stations and other public areas, install Bluetooth beacons, Bluetooth beacon interval broadcast;

Based on iBeacon technology, high-precision positioning of 1-3 meters can be achieved;

Through the mobile phone APP, the shopping mall can be navigated indoors, and public facilities or restrooms, shops, commodities, etc. can be searched, combined with high-precision 3D indoor maps, to display various shops and their product information in the form of a list;

Location-based information push. When a customer arrives at a store, the APP will push the store brand information, analyze customer behavior preferences and consumption preferences based on CRM and individual data, and the APP will perform relevant pushes based on customer preferences.