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MCU has a wide range of applications in many fields. In this wave of "chip shortage", MCU is the most severely affected chip. Due to the shortage of ST MCUs in the market and the price increase, many manufacturers have gradually completed the replacement... View More>>
Bluetooth indoor positioning technology can be simply divided into two categories: positioning technology based on fingerprint matching and triangulation technology based on distance measurement. The former has a small application range and high cost, and... View More>>
Which Bluetooth chip is your favorite? BLM World has collected ten most popular Bluetooth chips in China, including Bluetooth audio chips and Bluetooth data chips.... View More>>
What’s Bluetooth Audio Coding? SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC, LHDC... View More>>
With the development of IoT, the market's demand for positioning technology has increased, especially indoor positioning technology like RFID, UWB, Bluetooth positioning, etc. In the field of high-precision positioning, the latest Bluetooth AOA positionin... View More>>
It is undeniable that UWB and Bluetooth AoA are high-precision positioning technologies that have attracted attention in terms of technical performance and ecological strength. But in fact, there are more than these two types of positioning technologies o... View More>>
There are many kinds of Wi-Fi modules. The most popular one is the serial Wi-Fi module, that is, UART interface Wi-Fi module, UART Wi-Fi module can be easily connected to the product's MCU without a driver. Some UART Wi-Fi modules have their own MCU, and ... View More>>
As we know, UWB wireless positioning system is a high-precision real-time positioning. What is the real-time positioning in the system? Indoor real-time positioning plays a very important role in system personnel management, material management, route sea... View More>>
In daily life, everyone is familiar with Bluetooth and Wifi communication. They are both wireless communication technologies. Now UWB wireless communication is gradually becoming popular with the promotion of AirTag, so what is the difference between Blue... View More>>
UWB, Bluetooth, RFID, and other indoor positioning technologies are widely used in various fields. UWB indoor positioning technology is developing rapidly, and become one of the most technology in the field of high-precision indoor positioning.... View More>>
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