High-precision Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning solution

With the development of IoT, the market's demand for positioning technology has increased, especially indoor positioning technology like RFID, UWB, Bluetooth positioning, etc. In the field of high-precision positioning, the latest Bluetooth AOA positioning technology of BLM World Limited has emerged and introduced new The "direction-finding" function can provide centimeter-level precise positioning services for personnel, logistics, vehicles and important equipment in industrial scenes, laying a foundation for solving the precise positioning and navigation problems of the Internet of Things.


Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning principle, the accuracy reaches centimeter level

AOA(Angle-of-Arrival) is based on the measurement of the direction of arrival of electromagnetic waves to finally confirm the position of the transmit target. According to different antenna array types and algorithms, different positioning methods are realized. The linear array can measure the incident angle of the plane, and the area array can measure the incident angle of the three-dimensional space.

AOA method don't need consider the strength, only measures the direction of the signal, it won't be affected by the strength, battery, and antenna direction, the unique position is determined by the angle, and the more accurate absolute position is obtained through multiple angles, which is a new positioning technology compliant with Bluetooth SIG, according to the accuracy and layout conditions, the layout distance can be adjusted, and the distance can be up to nearly 20 meters.

What are the features of Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning?

1.       High precision: the positioning accuracy reaches the sub-meter level, and the highest accuracy is the same as that of UWB.

2.       Low power consumption, long battery life: using low-power Bluetooth technology, it can run for months to years using button batteries;

3.       Many shapes and small size: Bluetooth tags have various shapes, which can be attached and integrated on objects, can be carried and worn, and the minimum size is less than a dollar coin;

4.       Low cost: The cost is much lower than UWB tags, focusing on small area scenarios;

5.       High capacity: forward AOA single area single base station with 1000 tags under 1Hz, forward AOA multi-area overall capacity is unlimited, reverse AOD channel capacity is unlimited, and overall capacity is wireless;

6.       Good compatibility: Bluetooth 5.1 is compatible with 5.0 and 4.2. It is compatible with billions of various Bluetooth terminals every year, providing precise location services for mobile phones.


What are the applications of Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning?

Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning technology has strong compatibility. With the support of base stations and tags with Bluetooth AOA positioning function, it can be used in most indoor places to collect personnel positioning data more comprehensively and conveniently.

Personnel management: Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning realizes functions such as personnel positioning, daily attendance, working hours statistics, arrival/departure status management, and behavior analysis. In addition, it can also play some special roles in specific places, such as early warning personnel entering dangerous operation areas during warehouse operations, and monitoring the action trajectory of bid evaluation personnel at the bid evaluation site.

Security management: Bluetooth AOA indoor positioning can provide an item tracking solution for warehouses in smart parks and the placement of important equipment. That is, the relative distance between the two devices is determined by Bluetooth to prevent the device from being lost, and the Bluetooth positioning bracelet can also be used to bind and set the electronic fence.