Which Chinese Brand MCUs Can Replace ST MCUs?

MCU has a wide range of applications in many fields. In this wave of "chip shortage", MCU is the most severely affected chip.

Due to the shortage of ST MCUs in the market and the price increase, many manufacturers have gradually completed the replacement of MCUs with Chinese brands.

Following as Chinese brand MCUs for ST MCUs replacement:

1.       Sino Wealth

Main product:4-bit8-bit16-bit32-bit MCU

Applications: home appliances, motors.


2.     GigaDevice 

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: industrial automation, human-machine interface, motor control, security monitoring, smart home, Internet of Things.

As the mainstream choice in the field of 32-bit general-purpose MCUs in China, GD32 is firmly in the forefront of the market with a total of more than 200 million shipments, more than 10,000 users, and a broad application coverage rate of more than 300 product models in 20 series. The GD32 uses the Cortex-M3 core, and the model is fully compatible with the same model as the STM32, which is easy to replace and has a higher frequency.



Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Application range: general control circuits for home appliances, consumer electronics, and industrial automation control.


4.      HDSC

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit MCU

Application range: industrial control, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent life and the Internet of Things, etc.

The HC32 series is based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ and Cortex-M4 cores. The products include the HC32L series for ultra-low power applications, the HC32M series for the motor application market, and the cost-effective HC32F series for the general market, which are pin-compatible with ST products of the same model. can be replaced directly.


5.      Shanghai Fudan Microelect

Main products: 16-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: smart meters, smart door locks, etc.


6.      Nations Technologies Inc.

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: smart cards, micro printers, laser barcode scanners, etc.


7.      Shanghai Belling 

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: computer peripherals, HDTV, power management, small appliances, digital appliances.


8.     Beijing Haier IC Design Co.,Ltd

Main product: 14-bit, 15-bit, 16-bit MCU

Applications: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industry, smart meters.


9.      Qingdao Eastsoft

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Application range: home appliances, smart home, instrumentation, LCD panel controller, industrial control, etc.


10.   CMsemicon

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Applications: smart home appliances, automotive electronics, security monitoring, LED lighting and landscape, smart toys, smart home, consumer electronics.


11.   Sino MCU

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: small household appliances, consumer electronics, remote controls, mice, lithium batteries, digital products, automotive electronics, medical instruments and measurement, toys, industrial control, smart home and security and other fields.


12.   Hangzhou Silan

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Application range: small household appliances, remote control, power management, motor control, personal medical equipment, audio equipment, air conditioner remote control, smart instrument, panel display, battery car charger, mobile power supply, HID, electronic cigarette, etc.


13.   SiGma Micro

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, transportation, electricity, etc.


14.   YSpring

Main product:8-bit MCU

Application scope: Internet of things, human-computer interaction intelligent control, etc.


15.   APPO tech

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Application: household appliances, mobile power


16.   H-SUN

Main product: 8-bit, 4-bit MCU

Application range: satellite receiver, mobile phone charger, perpetual calendar, all-in-one remote control


17.   Loongson

Main product:32 bit MCU

Applications: power monitoring, smart grid, industrial digital control, Internet of Things, smart home, data monitoring.


18.   Tongxin Micro

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Application range: smart home appliances


19.  Hangzhou Zhongtian Weixitong 

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: Smartphones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, automotive electronics, GPS, e-readers, printers


20.   Mindmotion

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: motor control, Bluetooth control, high-definition display, wireless charging, drones, micro-printers, smart labels, electronic cigarettes, LED dot matrix screens, etc.


MM32 series is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 cores. The products include: the MM32F series for the general high-performance market, the MM32L series for ultra-low power consumption and security applications, the MM32W series with a variety of wireless connection functions, motor drives and Control-specific MM32SPIN series, and OTP-type MM32P series, etc., the same pins and models are fully compatible with ST, and the replacement cost is very low.


21.   Zhuhai Orbita

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: Aerospace: Star Arrow Station ships, aircraft; high-end industrial control: embedded computer; ship control, industrial control, power equipment, environmental monitoring


22.   Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: industrial control, Internet of Things, information security, computer/mobile phone peripherals, etc.

Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is an integrated circuit design company, established in 2004, the company is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Since the establishment of the company, it has always been technology-oriented, focusing on the research and innovation of chip design and application technology in connection and control in the field of Internet of Things, and is committed to providing customers with chips and solutions that connect everything and connect up and down.


23.   Ingenic Semiconductor 

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: wearable devices, Internet of Things, smart home appliances, automobiles, consumer electronics, tablet computers.


24.   CAchip

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Application range: smart home appliances.


25.  Beijing Times Minxin Technology

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: car navigation, traffic monitoring, fishing boat supervision, power telecommunication network


26.  CETC

32-bit MCU products of CETC can replace the F103, F030, F031 and F051 series of STM32 in batches. Based on the ARM architecture, it covers eight series of products of Cortex-M0, M3, and M4 cores. The hardware pins are compatible with STM32 P2P, and the software adopts register-level compatible design. For programs that have been developed with ST series MCUs, the HEX file can be directly burned into It can be run in the MCU of the corresponding type of Corechip without too much modification.


27.   Holychip

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Application range: all kinds of industrial, small household appliances, consumer products


28.   ChipON

Main product: mixed-signal ultra-low-power industrial/vehicle-grade high-reliability MCU/DSP chip, high-performance low-power smart door lock mSOC, motor/power/battery/RF SOC.


29.   Datang

Main product: smart terminal chips, smart security chips, automotive chips, etc.


30.   STC

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: communication, industrial control, information appliances, voice



Main product: 32-bit MCU

Scope of application: all kinds of car, outdoor, home, portable, smart Wifi or Bluetooth audio/speaker/Boombox/Soundbar/amp; all kinds of karaoke audio equipment; webcast sound card for computer/mobile phone; K song sound effect microphone and K Music headset; electronic musical instrument module; voice robot/learning machine/story machine/smart toy; smart home/vehicle speech recognition and processing module; fingerprint recognition door lock/LED control module/sweeping robot, etc.


32.  Shanghai Hua Hong

Main product: smart cards and embedded security chips


33.   Vangotech

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Application: Smart water and gas meter


34.   Beijing XIAOCHENG 

The company's professional direction is integrated circuit design, while providing products and solutions for smart grids and smart cities.


35.   Shanghai Clouder Semiconductor Co,.Ltd

The company's products include CR600 and CR700 series 32-bit IoT MCU chips based on broadband power carrier communication technology, which have both the functions of general-purpose 32-bit MCUs and power carrier communication functions. It can transmit high-speed digital signals on analog cables such as power lines and coaxial cables, and can be used in smart home, security monitoring, smart street lights, photovoltaic power generation, smart doorbells, elevator Internet of Things, subway and other industries.



Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: household appliances, smart hardware, consumer electronics, security industrial control and other fields.


37.   SOCMCU

Main product: Flash MCU IC

Application range: large and small household appliances, industrial control, motor drive, medical and health, security, consumer and other fields.


38.   Suzhou Feng Chi Microelectronics Co., Ltd

Mian product OTP type: 152, 153, 2501 and other series products

Scope of application: various consumer electronics, small household appliances and other industries.


39.   Artery Technology

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: micro printers, balance cars, three-axis handheld stabilizers, electronic whiteboards, fingerprint recognition, sweeping robots, optical flow drones, electric vehicle controllers and instruments, stage lighting, thermal imagers, LED advertising screens, walls Switch, inertial navigation module, DVR, robot control and other terminal equipment applications.


Artery 's AT32F403A/F407/ F413/ F415/F421 series can replace the F030, F303, F103, F107, F072, F401 and F411 series of STM32 in batches. The hardware pins of its products are compatible with STM32 P2P, and the software is highly compatible. Since the performance of the core, SRAM, peripherals, etc. is greatly improved compared to STM32, AT32 can replace multiple STM32s with one, and also has unique security & secondary development functions: security Lib, wider operating temperature: -40~105 Spend.


40.   Espressif Systems 

Focusing on the research and development of high-integration, low-power, high-performance, secure, stable, and cost-effective Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MCUs, ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S, and ESP32-C series of chips, modules and development boards have been released. Ideal for IoT applications.


41.   Chipsea 

Main product: 16, 32-bit MCU

Applications: Instrumentation, Internet of Things, consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive electronics.


42.   Shenzhen Lian Hua

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Applications: consumer electronics, white goods, industrial control, communication equipment, automotive electronics, computers.


43.   Shenzhen Hang Shun

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: Automotive, Internet of Things, etc.

Hang Shun has mass-produced MCU products based on ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 cores, including: HK32F103 family, HK32F030/031/03X family, and memory EEPROM family for the general high-performance market. In 2019, the HK32L family with ultra-low power consumption of 7nA and security applications and the HK32W/B family with various wireless connectivity functions will be launched to meet the diversified needs of customers.


44.   Geehy

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: industrial control, medical equipment, automotive electronics, and smart homes.


45.   Sine Microelectronics

The main products are 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs and supporting analog power chips for automotive and industrial applications.


46.   Blestech

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Applications: smart home, industrial control and consumer products.


47.   Autochips

The main products are AC781X series 32-bit automotive MCU, AC7801x series 32-bit automotive MCU, automotive AEC-Q100 Grade1 certification, zero failure, super ESD protection, anti-interference ability in harsh environments, etc.


48.   Actions

Main product: 8-bit to 32-bit MCU

Application range: tablet computer, smart home, multimedia, bluetooth, wifi audio.


49.  Aisike Weidianzi

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Applications: consumer chips, communication chips, information chips, home appliances.


50.   C Core Technology Co

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Application range: information security field, office automation field, communication network field, information security field.


51.   BYD Micro

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: home appliances, etc.


52.   Chipways

Main product: 32-bit automotive-grade MCU


53.   Runjetic

The company focuses on the design, sales and service of security encryption chips, low-power security MCUs, driver chips, NFC and control chips. With the high reliability, high cost performance and perfect service of the products, many products have been widely used in the fields of automotive electronics, intelligent transportation, Internet of Things, mobile payment and biometric identification.


54.   Genvic

Genvic is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of smart chips, sensors, and AIoT system products. It has a number of patents and copyrights, and has core competitiveness in low power consumption, NVM storage, high-performance simulation, sensors, etc. . The core team comes from Huawei, Michrochip, MTK, etc., with 20 years of industry experience. Balanced team, technology and market two-wheel drive. 20 years of industry experience, familiar with the Pearl River Delta market and the Yangtze River Delta industrial chain, with an international perspective and linkage with Silicon Valley.


55.   Tinychip

Tinychip focuses on system-level MCU+ chips in the vertical application scenarios of the Internet of Things, and integrates high-performance analog circuits and dedicated hardware accelerators by combining a completely self-developed high-reliability and extremely low-power MCU platform with industry applications. , AI algorithm, wireless communication, power management, battery management and other functions form a new product form of SoC.


56.   Linkosemi

Linkosemi is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and production of integrated circuits in the field of motion control and providing overall solutions. The company takes motion control chips as its core business, and is committed to integrating upstream and downstream industrial chain resources. The target markets are mainly electric vehicles, servo control, robots, power tools, drones, and household appliances.


57.   Fremont Micro Devices

Fremont Micro Devices is an enterprise engaged in the design of high-performance analog and digital-analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, focusing on the research and development and sales of MCU chips, non-volatile memory chips and power management chips, and provides a complete set of solutions based on the above products. . The company has a R&D team composed of a group of R&D personnel with working experience in top semiconductor companies at home and abroad, has more than 100 independent core invention patents, and has the ability to independently develop processes.


58.   Haawking

Focusing on the research and development of domestic safe and controllable digital signal processors, it is the pioneer of field-specific processors. It has successfully developed a variety of digital signal processors and RISC-V processors for special applications, motor control, consumer electronics and other fields.


59.   Synwit

Main product: 32-bit MCU

Application range: For motor control, TFT-LCD control, white goods, intelligent control and industrial control instruments and other fields.


60.   HOLTEK

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: consumer electronics, LED lighting, etc.


61.  Nuvoton Technology Corporation

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Applications: lighting, Internet of Things, etc.


62.  ELAN Microelectronics

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Applications: consumer electronics, computers, smart phones.


63.   Sonix Technology

Main product: 8-bit, 32-bit MCU

Applications: remote controllers, smart chargers, large and small systems, electronic scales, ear thermometers, sphygmomanometers, tire pressure gauges, various measurement and health equipment.


64.  Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd

Main product: 8-bit, 16-bit MCU

Application: home audio and video.


65.   Tenx technology

Main product: 4-bit, 8-bit, 51-bit MCU

Applications: remote control, small appliances.


66.   Megawin

Main product: 8-bit MCU

Application range: small and medium-sized display panels for vehicles, education, industrial control, medical treatment, etc.


67.   Nyquest

Main product: 4-bit, 8-bit MCU

Scope of application: recording integrated circuit products, consumer electronics, household products, etc.


68.   Ealpha

Main product: 4-bit, 8-bit MCU

Applications: recording products, consumer electronics, household products.


69.   Padauk

Main product: 4-bit, 8-bit MCU

Applications: machinery, automation, home appliances, robots.