Bluetooth 5.2 audio module F-6990 introduction

Bluetooth technology is an open global specification for wireless data and voice communication. It is a special short-range wireless technology connection based on low-cost short-range wireless connections to build a communication environment for mobile devices. It has been widely used in Audio, data, positioning and control systems and other fields. Bluetooth shares the 2.4GHz ISM band (industrial, scientific and medical band) with Wi-Fi and other license-free radio applications.

Among them, audio is the largest field of Bluetooth solutions. Use scenarios include making phone calls, listening to music, watching videos, voice interaction, etc. The sink includes headphones, speakers, car stereos and other speakers. The sound sources mainly come from multimedia devices such as mobile phones, computers, MP3s, and TVs.

In 2020, Bluetooth SIG released Bluetooth 5.2 and LE Audio. Bluetooth 5.2 version is a new version of the Bluetooth Core Specification, the new functions on the basis of the previous specifications include: LE Isochronous Channels, Enhanced ATT protocol and LE Power Control. LE Audio is a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard. It adopts a new audio architecture and makes full use of the technical advantages of low-power Bluetooth wireless communication. It aims to improve the performance of standard Bluetooth audio, endow many new use cases, enhance the application scenarios of Bluetooth audio, and provide consumers with innovative ways to enjoy and share wireless audio. Bluetooth 5.2 has better performance in connection stability, data transmission capacity, latency, and power saving, the new audio coding LC3, providing better sound quality, longer battery life, and allowing jogging Sports enthusiasts, technology enthusiasts, gaming and e-sports players, providing a better sound experience.

F-6990 is a BT5.2 module, it’s audio + data dual mode, based on Beken BK3288 chip.

The functions F-6990 supported as follows:

Smart voice prompt and number reporting;

Integrated TF card playback

Infrared remote control

Internal LINE-IN

ENC call noise reduction


It applies to a high-end smart speaker, headset, and other high end audio data devices.