bluetooth USB to TTL serial port development board

bluetooth USB to TTL serial port development board
  • bluetooth USB to TTL serial port development board

BLM-MOD01 module has high-specification hardware performance, provides 256KB of programmable space, 64KB RAM, M4 core frequency up to 64MHz, maximum transmission power of 4dBm, receiving sensitivity -94dBm, and can achieve 100 meters ultra-distance in ope

  • Product No.: BLM-MOD01-D



The evaluation board is a test tool for customers to quickly test the Bluetooth BLE 5.0 specification Bluetooth module BLM-MOD01 based on Noridc's NRF52832 (6*6) chip design. It provides all I/O port pins of the module and downloads the program. Interfaces, status indicators and related function buttons can be used to quickly test the embedded programs such as host transparent transmission/slave throughput mode master-slave integration/Beacon throughput provided by the research institute for communication technology, and can also be used by customers based on the BLM-MOD01 module Own secondary development.

Function indication:

1.USB interface                                             11.Module program download interface                                                      
2.Power Indicator                                          12.Module serial data interface
3.Bluetooth connection indicator                   13.USB adapter board input interface
4.Data interaction indicator                            14.wakeup GND jumper wire cap
5.Restore default buttons                               15.Expand power supply, output 3.3V
6.Eliminate bound message button                16.Reset button
7.Module GND jumper wire cap                     17.Bluetooth enable button
8.Module GPIO port pin header                      18.Module power jumper wire cap
9.GND header                                                 19.GND header
10.BLM-MOD01 module                                  20.Module GPIO header



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