Product Name: HC32F4A0SITB-LQFP176 Manufacturer: HDSC Pakage: LQFP176

  • Product No.: HC32F4A0SITB-LQFP176


Product Name:  HC32F4A0SITB-LQFP176

Manufacturer: HDSC

Pakage: LQFP176

ARMv7-M architecture 32bit Cortex-M4 CPU, integrated FPU, MPU, DSP supporting SIMD instructions, full instruction trace unit ETM, and CoreSight standard debug unit. The highest working frequency is 240MHz, reaching the computing performance of 300DMIPS or 825Coremarks

Built-in memory

– Dual bank Flash memory up to 2048KByte

– Maximum 516KByte SRAM, including 128KByte single-cycle access high-speed RAM

Power, clock, reset management

– System Power (Vcc): 1.8-3.6V

– 6 independent clock sources: external main clock crystal oscillator (4-24MHz), external sub-crystal oscillator (32.768kHz), internal high-speed RC 16/20MHz), internal medium-speed RC (8MHz), internal low-speed RC (32kHz), internal WDT Dedicated RC (10kHz)

– 15 reset sources including power-on reset (POR), low-voltage detection reset (PVD1R/ PVD2R), port reset (NRST), and each reset source has an independent flag bit

Low power operation

– Peripheral functions can be turned off or on independently

– Three low power consumption modes: Sleep, Stop, Power down mode

– VBAT independent power supply supports ultra-low power RT, 128Byte backup register, 4KByte backup SRAM

Peripheral operation support system significantly reduces CPU processing load

– 16-channel dual-host DMAC

– Dedicated DMAC for USBHS USBFS Ethernet MAC

– 8 Data Computation Units (DCUs)

– Math co-processing unit (MAU), supports Sin/Sqrt

– Supports 16th order FIR digital filter (FMAC)

– Supports mutual triggering of peripheral events (AOS)

High performance simulation

– 3 independent 12bit 2.5MSPS ADCs

– 3 simultaneous sample and hold circuits to achieve 3-channel simultaneous sampling

– 4 independent 12bit 15MSPS DACs

– 4 Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA)

– 4 independent voltage comparators (CMP)

– 1 on-chip temperature sensor (OTS)


– 8 multi-function 32/16bit PWM Timer (Timer6)

– 16 50ps high resolution PWM (HRPWM)

– 3 16bit motor PWM Timer (Timer4)

– 12 16bit general-purpose Timer (TimerA)

– 4 16bit general-purpose Timer (Timer2)

– 2 16bit basic Timer (Timer0)

– Real Time Clock Timer RTC

– 2 WDTs supporting internal dedicated clock

Up to 142 GPIOs

– Up to 134 5V-tolerant IOs

Maximum 32 communication interfaces

– 10 USARTs, supporting ISO7816-3 protocol

– 6 SPIs

– 6 I2C, support SMBus protocol

– 4 I2S with built-in audio PLL

– 2 SDIO, support SD/MMC/eMMC format

– 1 QSPI supports 240Mbps high-speed access to XIP

– 2 CAN supports CAN2.0B, up to CAN FD

– 2 USB 2.0, respectively support HS FS, built-in FS-PHY, support Device/Host

– 1 10/100M Ethernet MAC supports dedicated DMA

IEEE 1588-2018 PTP MII/RMII interface

External Memory Controller EXMC

– Support Static Memory Controller

– Support Dynamic Memory Controller

Data encryption function



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