What's good news in the smart home in 2019?

 The competition in the smart home industry has entered a stage of white-hot, and the layout of the giants has become wider and wider. From the global brand Amazon to the domestic giant millet, its products are all saturated with the whole house. The exuberant new product release has also brought sufficient confidence to the market, and consumers' acceptance and expectations for smart products are rising.
       In the past 2018, for the mature smart home industry, it is a year of more eye-catching achievements, so it has become the first year of smart home commercialization recognized by the industry. The concept of “full house smart home” has gradually emerged and gained a high level of awareness among ordinary consumers. This has laid a solid foundation for the 2019 smart home industry to enter the final stage of the break-up upgrade.
       From the outbreak of popular items such as smart speakers, smart door locks and smart sweeping robots to the intelligent scenes such as intelligent lighting and intelligent security, the smart home industry is accelerating development and constantly improving the ecological chain layout. The emergence of the joint situation has played a role in the integration of high-quality resources in the entire smart home field. Then, at the beginning of the 2019 year, the smart home industry has released a signal that is worthy of the industry's delight?
High-end intelligent household appliances consumption demand soared
       The development of smart homes is improving, and the surge in demand in the consumer market is a powerful proof. From the consumption data released by Suning Tesco and Jingdong during the Spring Festival of 2019, it can be seen that the consumers who purchase smart home appliances have increased significantly compared with the usual, smart door locks. Smart TVs and smart drying racks have become the new choice for the masses to purchase home appliances. Sales have increased by a large margin compared with last year's Spring Festival. Young consumers such as 80 and 90 who follow the trend of fashion and like high technology have undoubtedly become powerful new high-end intelligent home appliances. Buy a big army.
The recognition of smart homes in the renovation of new homes has risen
       With the improvement of technology, smart home systems are becoming more and more stable, and the sense of experience is getting better and better. Consumers are beginning to gradually recognize and accept smart devices. In the opinion of most people, the price of smart home is too high. For ordinary consumers, the intention to purchase and install is not strong. However, after contacting some people who are going to renovate a new house, there are already many people in the house. People understand and have come into contact with smart homes, and even have purchased and experienced smart devices, and the convenience brought by smart homes to life is also recognized by them.
       In addition to consumers beginning to focus on the comfort of intelligent life, real estate developers have long been concerned about the value-added effects of smart technology for real estate. Major domestic real estate developers such as Evergrande, Poly, Vanke, and Country Garden have successfully launched many successful intelligent real estate development projects. The 5M smart health community of Midea Real Estate has already made a name for itself, and with the forward-looking nature of intelligent property layout. Product differentiation has become a dark horse in the real estate industry.
5G power, the era of the Internet of Everything is accelerating
       After entering 2019, 5G became a hot topic in the technology circle. 5G application, let us take a step closer to the era of all things connected, according to media reports, recently, 5G network has been successfully applied to Qingdao Port Xinqianwan Automation Terminal, and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics will also be 5G Innovative technologies are leading a series of smart applications such as 360-degree panoramic live broadcast and VR immersive experience. In addition, the official also disclosed that 5G temporary licenses will be issued in several cities this year, enabling large-scale networking in some cities and hotspots. It will be the first to realize, and accelerate the industrialization process and network construction of the terminal. In the second half of the year, commercial products such as 5G mobile phones and 5G iPad will also be launched. 5G will help us enter the Internet of Things era from the era of mobile Internet. Based on the application of 5G technology, the integration of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will continue to optimize the consumer experience of intelligent devices.
        Smart cities, smart medical care, smart old-age, smart communities and other projects will enter a stage of rapid development. The comprehensive attack of intelligent waves will also drive the rapid development of smart homes. There is no doubt that in 2019, it will become the smart home industry's winning market. The critical period.