how to design bluetooth module antenna and RF layout

The signal strength is depending on the environment of the Bluetooth application, such as wood and metal wi l l block the transmission signal to get the shorter transmission distance. How to design the Bluetooth module antenna and RF layout the Bluetooth signal to improve.













1. Because metal will block the signal transmission, it is recommended not to using the metal housing.








2. PCB layout: The antenna part of the Bluetooth module is a PCB antenna. Metal will weaken the function of the antenna. When laying the module, it is strictly forbidden to lay the ground and wire under the module antenna. It would be better if it can be hollowed out.





3. If there are batteries, metal objects, LCD screens, speakers, etc. next to the module antenna, the distance from the antenna should be at least 15mm





4. It is recommended to use star wiring for the power supply line in the layout, and ensure that the Bluetooth module power supply linearity is good, and the Bluetooth ground must be separated from the ground of the op-amp, power amplifier, MCU, etc., and there should be no other interference grounds on the bottom of the Bluetooth.




5. Do not run control wires, power wires, audio wires, MIC, and other interference wires around the antenna.


6. If there is a row of seats near the module antenna, the shell has a metal iron mesh, etc., which may affect the signal, it is recommended to use a professional high-gain antenna.