What is the difference between Bluetooth and RFID

 Radiofrequency technology RFIDis an open industry standard for realizing wireless digital communication between computers and using electronic equipment anywhere in the home area. As a wireless technology solution, it saves the trouble of laying transmission cables, and it is very convenient to upgrade and add new equipment. The network-based on this protocol is a peer-to-peer network, and each device on the network is relatively independent, and any device leaving the network will not affect the normal operation of other devices on the network. Another feature of it is low power consumption.


Bluetooth is also a radio frequency technology, and the Bluetooth system generally works in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. The starting frequency is 2.402GHz, and the ending frequency is 2.480GHz. A 2MHz guard band is set at the low end and a 3.5MHz guard band is set at the high end. All Bluetooth units sharing a common channel form a piconet, and each piconet can have up to 8 Bluetooth units. In the microgrid, the clock and frequency hopping of each unit of the same channel are kept synchronized.

BLM having Bluetooth Low Energy Module could support multi-connection application, and the BLE module is low cost module could meet many consumer electronics requirement. For many information welcome contact [email protected]