Bluetooth Tags for Location Service Solutions

Bluetooth technology has promoted the rapid growth of real-time location system (RTLS) solution shipments, helping to track various assets and personnel, such as locating tools and personnel in warehouses and locating medical equipment and patients in hospitals. The Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System (IPS) has also quickly become the standard for indoor navigation solutions, helping visitors find routes in complex facilities. Currently, 79% of Bluetooth location service applications include indoor navigation.


Bluetooth Tags are an important part of location service solutions, which enable commercial and industrial applications to track materials, people, and fleets. "2021 Bluetooth Market Update" pointed out that Bluetooth tracking tags account for the vast majority of total annual location service device shipments. In 2021, nearly 40% of Bluetooth tags will be used to support the manufacturing and logistics industries. As more and more companies around the world turn to Bluetooth technology to implement tagging and other asset tracking solutions, analysts predict that Bluetooth asset tracking will soon become a major use case for location services.


BLM has small size Bluetooth Tag for the Location Service, this Bluetooth tags is Bluetooth 5.1 Beacon device, with Dialog DA14531 chip, it could support ultra-low energy. With the device default iBeacon parameter setting, it could work 2 years. This TAG has a switch to save power. For more information about the Bluetooth Tag, welcome visit the product link: