How to choose BT module for Bluetooth speaker solution

 In recent years, the Bluetooth speaker market has been extremely hot. For Bluetooth speakers, the Bluetooth module has an audio transmission role is very important. How to choose a suitable Bluetooth module for your product?


Firstly, we need positioning product, whether your product is a low-cost level product or a mid-level product, or a high-end product.


1.    If you are making a high_end Bluetooth speaker, Qualcomm chips solution is your best choice. Qualcomm chips are known for high quality. Like CSR8670, CSR8675 have been popular for many years, at present, QCC series chips have become a better choice for engineers. Compared with the CSR series chips, QCC series chips are more cost-effective, such as BLM World Limited’s F-3128, based on QCC3034 and QCC5124, with high performance, support ANC, APTX HD. Adopting this module in Bluetooth speaker, sound quality, compatibility, and stability are all very good

2.    If you want to make a low-end product, but there are many functional requirements, and the cost needs low, then you could select BEKEN chip solution. Like F-6988 based on BK3266 chip, it supports intelligent voice prompting, reporting number function, integrated TF card playback function, and mobile USB-disk playback function. internal LINE-IN etc. Full-featured, but the price is very competitive.

3.    If you need to make a mid-end Bluetooth speaker, you could select our Bluetooth module like F-3020, based on QCC3021 and QCC3031, it’s a dual-mode, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, and mixed topologies supported.