How does Bluetooth beacon work in asset tracking

With the rapid development of the high-tech information industry, one direction of the development of social informatization is the real-time tracking and monitoring of people, animals, and even movable objects. Although the real-time location information of people/objects has been realized under certain conditions. Obtaining, such as using a satellite navigation and positioning system (GPS) to determine the location of the vehicle and provide navigation services. However, the existing GPS is difficult to guarantee the positioning performance indoors. In addition, the existing radio positioning technology can only provide position coordinate information, but cannot provide position attribute information.

In order to solve the above-mentioned technical problems, the industry has provided some solutions in using Bluetooth beacon to provide location services. These solutions provide a variety of proximity-aware applications for consumers, enterprises and industrial environments. For example, consumers can obtain coupons that can be redeemed immediately according to their location (shopping malls, restaurants, etc.); enterprises can control consumer shopping Habits to increase product exposure and profit from it, thereby strengthening consumers’ brand loyalty; manufacturers can use the location services provided by Bluetooth beacons to improve asset management and control.


In the work of asset management and control, how to improve the efficiency of cargo management and the tracking of cargo during storage has become a major problem in the existing technology. To this end, as a senior Bluetooth solution provider, BLM World Limited has launched an iBeacon-based Bluetooth solution, which is composed of iBeacon beacons, gateways, and management terminals.

The program mainly implements three functions

Compared with the low accuracy of RFID and the high cost of Wi-Fi, iBeacon has quickly gained recognition in the industry by virtue of its own unmatched advantages of other equipment. iBeacon not only has high positioning accuracy, but also has a very wide coverage, and the deployment cost is lower than other systems. Compared with similar products, the reduction in cost and the increase in cost performance have made iBeacon technology gradually recognized by enterprises.

BLE Beacon asset management solution can well determine the specific location of items and accurately locate corporate assets. The manager can view its status and trajectory in real time in the background, check the total number of goods, the number of consumed, and the remaining quantity at any time, so as to improve the efficiency of dispatching and using the goods. Through the setting of electronic fences, the positioning and monitoring of special items are strengthened. Once they are out of the set range, they will be alerted as soon as possible to ensure safety and eliminate hidden dangers.

 Why choose Bluetooth Beacon technology

High positioning accuracy, low cost of beacon hardware, small device size, low power consumption, easy integration in mobile devices, relatively low requirements for terminals, and mature technology.

 BLM World Limited's Beacon Solution Key Features

1. Support asset positioning, view real-time equipment location and trajectory analysis, and grasp asset trends;

2. Support fence monitoring. When the device is moved out of the monitoring range, the system and APP will push warning messages;

3. Bluetooth 4.2/5.0/5.1 technology, ultra-low power consumption.


Application scenario

Besides, what else can Beacon be used for? To put it simply, Beacon is a small information base station that can be used in indoor navigation, mobile payment, in-store shopping guides, people flow analysis and other activities related to the movement of people indoors. What Beacon technology accomplishes is to capture and push information to mobile devices within the communication coverage area through Bluetooth Smart.