How to modify the broadcast interval of BLE beacon

The BLE5.1 Beacon BLM-BC02L and BLM-BC05L basic Dialog DA14531 chip, for the ble beacon parameter configuration, they could use the APP Dialog SmartConfig. On the parameter UI, could find the Advertise Interval Minimum and Advertise Interval Maximum, 1600 is not time, it is a value unit, the time is 1600*0.625, that mean the time is 1000ms, if you require to setting the time, just use T/0.625 for the value. The two values should be same



Reduce the interval time: 

modify Advertise Interval Minimum -->APPLY--> modify Advertise Interval Maximum -->APPLY


Increase the interval time: 

modify Advertise Interval Maximum -->APPLY--> modify Advertise Interval Minimum -->APPLY


What’s the BLE beacon interval?

BLE beacon interval is simply the broadcast frequency of the beacon, The broadcast interval of most BLE beacons is before 100ms to 10000ms. The short broadcast interval makes it easier to be searched by other Bluetooth devices. It can help with weak signal with poor reception environments since the devices have better chances of “catching” the beacons when they are sent more frequently. High Beacon Interval.  Long broadcast interval can reduce the power consumption of BLE Beacon. For some requirements that require long hours of work, the broadcast interval can be made longer. When the broadcast interval of the BLE Beacon becomes longer, it will be more difficult for the mobile phone to connect to the Beacon.