High-precision indoor positioning assists reverse car search in parking lots

With the increasing base number of vehicles, the parking lot scene has become larger and larger, so we often say that parking is difficult. First of all, there are too many cars and parking spaces are hard to find. Secondly, after parking, the location of the parking is usually not easy to find. Nowadays, parking lots have become a standard configuration for large-scale shopping malls, hospitals, industrial parks and exhibition museums. For many people, it is often difficult to find a car after parking, going out from different exits, and coming back. Especially in underground parking lots in multiple districts, it is time-consuming and laborious to find a car under the obstruction of four pillars and walls. After shopping or returning from work, looking for a car can be quite tiring in the face of dense vehicles and complicated indoor spaces.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of difficult parking and finding a car, high-precision positioning technology is neccessory for the parking lot service, so that the parking lot can realize "real-time update of empty parking spaces, reverse car search navigation, parking locks, etc." Function. One is to help car owners find empty parking spaces quickly, save the time and cost of car owners looking for parking spaces, and improve customer satisfaction with parking services. The second is to speed up the vehicle turnover capacity of large parking lots, and improve the utilization rate and economic benefits of parking lots. The third is to improve the management level and corporate image of the parking lot.

Find empty parking spaces

By deploying a smart parking lot management system in the parking lot, car owners can access the car-finding navigation system of the underground parking lot through a mobile phone APP or WeChat applet, check the current status, number and location of empty parking spaces, and plan the nearest route. Voice navigation guides car owners to quickly find parking spaces, reducing search time.

Reverse car search

The owner can quickly check the location of the vehicle by entering the license plate number on the mobile phone or the guidance screen, and plan the nearest navigation route from the current location to the parking location.

Parking lock

Check and reserve the current free parking space through the mobile phone, and the car owner can control the lifting of the parking space lock only through the mobile phone, which is easy to operate.

Stop & pay

After the car search is over, the system will automatically calculate the current fee information that needs to be paid. In some scenarios, it can also be combined with member rights, such as point deduction for parking fees, use of coupons for deduction, etc.