What’s technical basics of BLE beacon technology?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the technology behind smart beacon devices. These are small, low-energy transmitters that can connect to your smartphone and share information with you. If you're looking to get started with BLE beacon technology, it's important to know the basic details. From there, you can decide where and when they would best serve your needs.

What is beacon technology?

Simply put, bluetooth beacon is a small transmitter that can interact with nearby devices.

How does BLE beacon work?

Bluetooth beacon support positioning push service. It is an external device of the mobile phone application. Bluetooth beacon does not have the function of collecting data. and will not steal the identity information of the mobile phone user, but has the function of locating the mobile phone and pushing information

Its working principle is to send unique ID to the surroundings through Bluetooth low energy, APP on the mobile phone can scan and parse the ID, and finally realize message push based on the indoor location.

Usually, Bluetooth beacons will have corresponding APP.In the working state, Beacon can continuously broadcast to the surrounding environment. Once the mobile phone user enters the signal coverage of the Bluetooth beacon, it will automatically receive the message from the beacon broadcast without any operation.

What are beacons used for?

Indoor positioning is the main application of Bluetooth beacons, its application scenarios are very widely, such as in the elderly care scene, in order to ensure the safety of the elderly, real-time care can be completed by accurately tracking the elderly; Large shopping malls or supermarket need to provide wayfinding services and map navigation; parking lot provide users parking, car-finding, positioning and navigation services; smart warehouse management and production process tracking are needed in factories to improve work efficiency; hospitals need to track and locate nursing goals, medical equipment, physicians and other personnel and property in real time in order to provide better services. Regarding the above scenario requirements, Bluetooth positioning device BLE beacon can all be solved.

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