10 Things About Bluetooth Beacon Layout

The layout of the Bluetooth beacon must first check the actual environment. Pay attention to special conditions, such as height, corridors, junctions, and points to avoid when installing. Finally, calculate the approximate number of beacons in the layout (prepare as many as possible), and the on-site layout of Bluetooth beacons. The 10 things to note are as follows:


1.      The horizontal spacing between Bluetooth beacons should be controlled at 6~8m, and the deployment should be as uniform as possible. If you want more precision, the layout can be more compact.

2.      The vertical height of the Bluetooth beacon from the ground should be controlled at about 3m. Too high will affect the signal.

Notice: The reason why the vertical height of the Bluetooth beacon is about 3 meters, and the height of general housing construction is about 3 meters, so the general deployment height is generally 3 meters; if the site installation location is relatively high (such as some hotels on the first floor of the lobby, exhibition halls) , Museums, etc., if the height is greater than 3m), you need to consider the signal attenuation of the Bluetooth beacon and deploy it on the wall to ensure that the height is within 3m.

3.      Deploy Bluetooth beacons for buildings with too high vertical height, such as in areas with high locations (height>4m) such as the hall on the first floor of the exhibition hall. Due to the high height, they are generally not deployed on the ceiling. Bluetooth beacons can be deployed along the wall or on the ground at an interval of about 6m.

4.      The deployment of Bluetooth beacons in indoor corridors should take into account the width of the corridor. For narrow corridors, consider deploying along the center line of the corridor; for wider corridors, they can be deployed in two rows staggered to ensure deployment density.

5.      For room entrances, indoor road junctions, turning points, etc., because there are obstacles such as walls, it is also necessary to deploy 1 or 2 Bluetooth beacons to reduce the wall's occlusion of signals and improve stability and positioning accuracy.

6.      For smaller spaces, you can consider deploying a Bluetooth beacon at the center of the ceiling; for larger spaces, considering the spaciousness of the space, the deployment density of Bluetooth beacons needs to be increased, and the triangular grid staggered distribution can be ensured. Bluetooth beacon signal strength and uniformity.

7.      If the Bluetooth beacon is deployed in an outdoor open area or a special place, you can use the explosion-proof version of the Bluetooth beacon (protection grade IP68). The spacing between the Bluetooth beacons is about 6m, and the entire space is covered in a triangular grid. To ensure the signal strength of the Bluetooth beacon.

8.      The deployment of Bluetooth beacons in parking lots. Bluetooth beacons are generally arranged above the carriageway area with a distance of about 6m. At the same time, the width of the carriageway should also be taken into consideration. According to the width, single-column or double-column staggered deployment of Bluetooth beacons can be selected; for parking spaces, one Bluetooth beacon can be deployed per parking space.

9.      The Bluetooth beacon can increase or decrease the deployment density according to the needs of on-site deployment, but it is generally controlled at a distance of 6m to obtain better positioning accuracy.

10.   The deployment of Bluetooth beacons should avoid corners and obstacles as much as possible to ensure that the deployment is not hindered.

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