Best bluetooth modules for automotive

 Automotive Bluetooth module is a wireless technology that allows your phone to communicate with your car.


What are the practical applications of Bluetooth modules in the automotive industry?

1.     TMPS(tire pressure monitoring system)

TPMS is mainly used to monitor the temperature and pressure of automobile tires in real time. When the pressure and temperature exceed or fall below the standard value range, the system emits a buzzer or light alarm signal, thereby effectively avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents.

For BLM World Limited’s TMPS solution, we adopt direct temperature and pressure measurement system. The low-power Bluetooth communication sensor module uses the pressure and temperature sensor in the tire and the Bluetooth transceiver to monitor the tire pressure and temperature in real time, wirelessly transmit the data signal to the smart terminal, and display it on the corresponding APP program interface of the mobile phone. the Bluetooth module can be fixedly installed inside the four tires, and is responsible for data collection, brief processing and transmission. Its hardware structure includes pressure and temperature sensor elements, MCU, Bluetooth 4.2 communication module, power supply equipment.


2.     PEPS(Passive entry passive start)

PEPS means while you close to the door, the vehicle automatically unlocks, while you away from the door, the vehicle automatically locks. With the emergence of PEPS, the driver only needs to be near the car (carry the smart device), and the car will sense the arrival of the car owner, allowing the car owner to open the door lock without removing the key, very easy to use, and very convenient.

Adopting Bluetooth low energy technology, the door lock is automatically opened and closed through the smart device carried by the owner; the door is opened and the engine is started through the mobile phone Bluetooth function authentication; when leaving the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft state.


3.     OBD(On-board diagnostics)

OBD is both a car breakdown diagnostic device and an anti-theft locator. Through multiple anti-theft functions such as real-time precise positioning, ignition detection, abnormal vibration warning, electronic fence warning, etc., and remote recording, the owner can know the abnormality of the vehicle in the first time and ask the police for help in time to stop illegal Behavior to protect the safety of their assets.

Bluetooth solution in OBD application is that Bluetooth module communicate with car computer,then transmit the data to user,the data include driving data early warning, vehicle condition safety inspection and fuel consumption management.


What’s the best module for above application?

BLM World Limited’s BLM-40Q01C, based on TI chip CC2640R2F, compliant with AEC-Q100.


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