What are the main installation methods of Bluetooth beacons

 As we know, there are many types beacon,different type beacon have different installation methods.Following as BLM World Limited’s beacons installation methods:



BLM-BC03 is an USB beacon,installation is plug and play. It is small, no need battery, for advertising machine applications, it is the best choice. But its placement is restricted, and it is only suitable for indoor places with power sources.

2. BLM-BC02L

The Installation method of BLM-BC02L is screw installation.

3.  BLM-BC01

The Installation method of BLM-BC01 is 3M sticker.

4.  BLM-BC05L

The Installation method of BLM-BC05L is lanyard.

What aspects need to be considered when installing Bluetooth beacons in indoor positioning?

To locate the number of Beacons, it is necessary to combine the project site environment and the CAD drawings provided by Party A to make a preliminary estimate of the expected equipment model and quantity of the project, and give the expected installation and construction methods in combination with the environment.

Quantity: The expected number of Bluetooth beacon devices depends on the range of the reachable area for positioning and navigation designed in the project, and the positioning accuracy required by Party A. In most projects, the installation distance between Bluetooth beacons is 4-7 meters. In some places, if the accuracy needs to be improved, it can be 3-5 meters. For some narrow channels, if it is not a particularly important area, the installation distance of Bluetooth beacons can be expanded to 8 meters.

Equipment selection: Due to the different ceiling environments on the project site, some can be fixed by screws, some can be fixed by narrow bands, some can only be fixed by glue, and some can be fixed by magnets. The appearance of different fixing methods is different. . Different equipment has different battery capacity in the design. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively install the environment and use time, and select suitable equipment.

Installation area design: Different on-site environments, it is necessary to propose the best equipment installation suggestions, try to hide the equipment or make the equipment not prominent.


The location map of the Bluetooth beacon’s installation point is best planned based on the indoor thematic map of the site, so that it is convenient for the construction staff to confirm the specific location in the environment based on the map.

The point design should be combined with the environment to avoid places where installation is not possible.

The distance between the points is as even as possible, the general recommended installation distance is 5~7 meters. The priority level of point design is entrances and exits, corners, and other locations.