Top 6 applications of Bluetooth Beacon

 Bluetooth application development mainly focuses on scanning and broadcasting, and Bluetooth beacon applications are usually in the broadcasting state. Bluetooth beacons are mainly used for Bluetooth indoor positioning. Personnel sign-in and broadcast data packets are used for advertisement push. The following are the main applications of Bluetooth beacons:

1.      Asset positioning

Fixing the Bluetooth beacon on the asset, combining the Bluetooth gateway, positioning engine algorithm and map, you can view the asset's position and moving track in real time in the background, set the electronic fence range, and trigger the warning if it exceeds the range. BLE beacons are usually used for the positioning of office assets or warehouse assets.

2.      Personnel check in

Put the Bluetooth tag on the employee's work card or the student's schoolbag, combine with the Bluetooth gateway or mobile phone APP to collect the Bluetooth tag information, perform the personnel check in and reduce the work of manual attendance statistics.

Bluetooth indoor positioning

3.      Supermarket positioning navigation and advertising

The Bluetooth beacon can be combined with mobile phone application software to locate your current location in large supermarkets and navigate to a known location. When passing through a store with advertisements, you can receive preferential and promotional information broadcast by the Bluetooth beacon.

4.      Introduction to museums, exhibition halls, and indoor attractions

Museums, exhibition halls, and indoor attractions are equipped with Bluetooth beacons, and the mobile phone enters the applet or application, and can receive the introduction information about the attractions broadcast by the Bluetooth beacon.

5.      Exhibition location navigation and news push

In many exhibition halls, if you want to find the booth you want to go to, you can directly enter the app or applet to send real-time positioning and navigate to the destination. You can receive information in time when you pass by a booth where there is a delivery or promotion.

6.      Large parking lot positioning navigation

Park your car in a large parking lot and locate it in a small program or application in time. When you are looking for a car, you can open the small program or application to navigate to your car with one click.

Bluetooth indoor positioning