Bluetooth gateway Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth bracelet smart pension solution

 A nursing home can timely know the accidents of the elderly in the hospital, such as wrestling, high heart rate, etc., will make the elderly more wise and relieved! BLMBluetooth Gateway/Bluetooth Beacon + Bluetooth Bracelet allows you to understand the various situations of the elderly in real time. How to achieve it?

1. Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet

Arrange a suitable Bluetooth gateway in the nursing home, and the elderly in the hospital wear a Bluetooth bracelet.


The Bluetooth bracelet sends out a Bluetooth broadcast. The Bluetooth broadcast contains MAC address, heart rate data, exercise data...information. The Bluetooth beacon and the person are bound one-to-one through a unique MAC address;

The Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast of the Bluetooth watch/band, and judges the area where the person is located based on the received signal strength;

The Bluetooth gateway transmits data to the server via Ethernet or WIFI or 4G, which is convenient for real-time monitoring of personnel's location, heart rate, and movement.

Bluetooth bracelet


2. Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth bracelet

Appropriate Bluetooth beacons are arranged in nursing homes, and the elderly in the hospitals wear Bluetooth bracelets.


The Bluetooth beacon sends out a Bluetooth broadcast, and the Bluetooth broadcast contains heart rate data;

The Bluetooth bracelet scans the broadcast of Bluetooth beacons and sends the values of the four beacons with the strongest signal to the background server via NB-IOT;

The back-end server calculates the position of the Bluetooth bracelet based on the triangulation algorithm, combined with the indoor map and the position of the beacon;

Each Bluetooth watch is bundled with personnel through Bluetooth MAC address or IMEI number;

A Bluetooth beacon is arranged every 5-8 meters, which can reach a personnel positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters.

Bluetooth Gateway


Bluetooth gateway/Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth bracelet can be realized

Loss of alarm: If the person (Bluetooth bracelet) leaves the designated area, the background will send out an alarm signal in time. (The Bluetooth gateway cannot scan the corresponding Bluetooth bracelet).

One-click SOS: If the elderly wrestling is serious and no one is around, you can start one-click SOS, the background server receives the relevant information, determines the location of the elderly and responds quickly!


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