How to use Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon in smart warehouse?

 Asset management is an important part of enterprise management. Manual inventory or management of barcodes, QR codes, electronic tags, etc. is only suitable for a small number of assets. For assets such as large quantity, variety, high value, long service life, scattered use locations, etc., it is difficult to manage. You can choose BLM World Limited Bluetooth Gateway + Bluetooth Beacon Storage Solution to create intelligent IoT management.


Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon intelligent IoT storage:

Application framework sketch


Layout the Bluetooth gateway in the application space, attach a Bluetooth beacon to each asset, and broadcast the asset's mobile information to nearby Bluetooth gateways through the attached Bluetooth beacon. The Bluetooth gateway uploads to the cloud server through WiFi/4G/Ethernet, and stores The back-end software connects to the server to check the asset status, and the asset storage, delivery, transfer, movement, loss... the information is clear at a glance.

Smarter than ordinary warehousing

One-click asset query location: Use the Bluetooth beacon signal strength to locate the asset location based on Bluetooth positioning. The asset location is clear at a glance.

One-click asset inventory acquisition: Based on the system connection between the unique address of each asset’s Bluetooth beacon and the goods on the pallet, the library manager can get the inventory status at any time

One-key asset dynamics: Bluetooth low energy beacon broadcast + acceleration sensor to determine asset status (whether it is moving); use time stamp to record asset transfer

One-click asset inventory: Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast data of Bluetooth beacons and performs edge calculation; multi-gateway coordination mechanism, real-time asset inventory

Others: beyond the designated library management area, platform alarms to prevent loss; first in, first out, sluggish management


Advantages of BLM World Limited Intelligent Gateway and Asset Bluetooth Beacon

Using ultra-low power real-time wide area network technology.

Link budget greater than 18dBm;

The farthest open distance can reach a point-to-point communication distance of 1.5km;

Sleep current 1.1 microampere;

Emission current 6.5mA@5dBm, 4.5mA@0dBm;

Receive current 7.5mA;

Concurrent processing capacity of single channel exceeds 2000 terminals per second;

Frequency band: 2.402-2.528GHz;

Resources: 32Bits CPU Core, 24KBytes SRAM (8KByte retention SRAM), 2MBytes Flash;

Under the one-second response communication model, the annual power consumption does not exceed 45mAh.