Bluetooth gateway for hotel smart bluetooth lock solution

The Internet is developing rapidly and life is becoming more and more intelligent. Many hotels and apartments have used Bluetooth smart locks, which can open the door without bringing a key or card. Bluetooth smart lock unlocking methods mainly include remote unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, and card unlocking. The implementation framework of hotel smart Bluetooth locks is as follows:


Bluetooth gateway is installed in the aisle, and one Bluetooth gateway can manage multiple Bluetooth locks. The mobile phone sends the unlocking information through the Bluetooth link smart lock Bluetooth, the smart lock transmits the information to the Bluetooth gateway through BLE, the Bluetooth gateway sends a request to the background server through Ethernet/WiFi/4G, and the management background connection server sends the unlock command. The background server uses TCP, The UDP or MQTT protocol communicates to the Bluetooth gateway, and the Bluetooth gateway then gives the smart lock unlock command through BLE.


In this process, the role of the Bluetooth gateway:

1. Bluetooth gateway can connect to the background server via Ethernet (POE power supply), WiFi, 4G.

2. Bluetooth gateway communicates with the background via TCP, UDP or MQTT protocol.

3. Bluetooth gateway can collect the status information of the Bluetooth lock, remotely unlock, remotely change the password, and remotely manage.