4 reasons to choose Bluetooth 5.0 gateway

Due to the outstanding performance of Bluetooth in terms of global standardization and low power consumption, Bluetooth has become the best choice for low-power Internet of Things. However, as more and more devices are connected to the Internet, Bluetooth concentrators (base stations, gateways) The performance requirements are getting higher and higher. What kind of Bluetooth gateway technology should be chosen to deal with the development of the future low-power IoT?

Conceptually, the Bluetooth gateway is a wireless concentrator, and is a key device that connects Bluetooth devices to the core network through the Bluetooth gateway. The Bluetooth 5.0 gateway is a Bluetooth gateway that supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so why did you choose a Bluetooth 5.0 gateway when choosing?


    First of all, the trend of technological development requires


    The Bluetooth technology standards are uniformly formulated by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). All manufacturers of Bluetooth devices in the world need to follow SIG's technical standards to realize the interconnection of Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers. The latest Bluetooth standard released by SIG is Bluetooth 5.2. At the same time, it stipulates the abandonment time of the following versions of Bluetooth 4.1 (including). The specific timetable is as follows:


    (1) Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR, has been withdrawn, discarded standard time: starting on July 1, 2018;


    (2) The standard time for withdrawal of Bluetooth version 2.1~~4.0 starts on July 1, 2018~~ The standard time for abandonment starts on January 1, 2020;


    (3) Bluetooth version 4.1, withdraw from standard time on January 1, 2019~~ abandon standard time on July 1, 2020;


    In order to better adapt to the devices on the market, it is necessary to select a gateway that supports the latest Bluetooth technology standards, so as to ensure the application time of the Bluetooth gateway and the applicability of future devices.


    Secondly, Bluetooth 5.0 supports larger broadcast data


    Starting from Bluetooth 5.0, the maximum number of broadcast bytes can support 255 bytes. Compared to the maximum 31 bytes of Bluetooth 4.2, the available bytes are only 21 bytes, which cannot support many current data collection services.


    Again, Bluetooth 5.0 has lower power consumption, faster speed and longer distance


Bluetooth 5.0 is aimed at low-power devices, has twice the transmission speed, four times the transmission distance and eight times the broadcast packet data carrying capacity compared to Bluetooth 4.2, and responds to the needs of mobile clients. Bluetooth 5.0 has lower power consumption.


    Finally, Bluetooth 5.0 can connect more devices at the same time


    Compared with the previous Bluetooth protocol, Bluetooth 5.0 has more devices that can be connected at the same time. For example, BLM World's BLM-KTB602 gateway can connect up to 40 devices at the same time. For IoT applications, provide more support.