How to add Bluetooth function to non-Bluetooth devices

With the development of technology, more and more products have changed from wired connections to simple wireless connections. Now mobile phones, tablets, computers and other smart devices have Bluetooth capabilities. It is more convenient to transfer data with these smart devices by adding Bluetooth function to old devices, so how to simply add Bluetooth function to devices without Bluetooth function?

Bluetooth Adapter
If the old device does not have the Bluetooth function, but has a USB or RS232 interface to access the device, you can choose a Bluetooth adapter to add the Bluetooth function. Some computers without bluetooth function usually choose USB bluetooth adapters, and old large industrial equipment usually choose bluetooth adapters with RS232 interface. Using a Bluetooth adapter to add Bluetooth functions to old devices has low cost and is more convenient and faster.

Bluetooth UART Interface
If the device has a Bluetooth interface, you can use the corresponding UART interface wiring. Take BLM World's BLM-BT01B BLE Bluetooth module as an example. Using the module UART_RX connect the host’s TX, the UART_TX connect the host’s RX. After the connection is complete, power on, and the device will add the Bluetooth function. Generally, when using a BLE module, you need to use a 3.3V voltage for power supply. A voltage that is too high or too low will damage the module.

Currently, BLM World has 6PIN ttl to UART BLE module, it will be easy for the Bluetooth function adding, and engineer could test the Bluetooth function easily.