bluetooth ble beacons for asset management

Initially, iBeacon was only applied to the retail shopping experience, through BLE beacon positioning combined with the user's purchase history to provide personalized messages in the store. But the biggest problem with this technology is whether consumers are willing to upload APP or are willing to open the Bluetooth device and access it.

BLE Beacons can be used to track and manage important assets, such as placing asset tags on precious items, customers can easily find their location through the Bluetooth mesh network, or notify the security department when specific items are "moved".

All Bluetooth beacons can be designed to support regular Bluetooth LE data services (based on connection) at the same time, so in addition to the beacons themselves, they can also incorporate other useful functions, such as reading the tool’s battery status, working time, and motor performance history. Sensors for measuring carbon dioxide level, humidity, temperature, etc. can also be added. These sensors can also be used to detect movement, heat or smoke, so they can be used as security alarms or fire alarms.

In addition, employees in the office may have different feelings about the network. Sometimes there will be disconnection or poor signal. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth technology is that it can be connected even when the network is disconnected, which is very useful. Conducive to on-site staff.

In the future, location-based services beacons will be the fastest-growing Bluetooth service. It is expected to achieve a compound growth rate of 43% in the next 5 years. Bluetooth location-based service solutions have been significantly promoted in shopping malls, airports, theme parks, museums and other fields, enhancing tourists Experience has improved operational efficiency.

According to historical data, global shipments of Bluetooth chips based on location-based services reached 130 million units in 2019. The demand for positioning and navigation using Bluetooth beacon is huge, and the market potential is great.