BLE beacon in bank application

 BLE beacons are often used for indoor asset positioning, indoor navigation, and promotional information broadcasting. It brings great convenience to life. In addition to being used in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc., BLE beacons can also serve for banks.

1) Install BLE beacons in service places such as bank outlets. Bluetooth beacons can obtain the difference in the flow of people in each service window, to know the shortcomings of the outlet layout, assist the outlets in timely scheduling and diversion, and reduce the waiting time for customers.

2) After deploying Bluetooth beacons at the branch, the bank can learn the customer's preference of the branch and financial management habits, so as to establish customer profile, predict customer behavior, and arrange the account manager to connect with it in time to achieve precise marketing.

3) After the bluetooth beacons are deployed at the outlets, the platform will call the mobile phone Bluetooth to scan for nearby bluetooth beacon devices during the inspection and check-in. The inspection page displays the service point information, allowing the special administrator to perform the inspection check-in operation to ensure that each inspection is actually present and can be checked and controlled.

4) After deploying bluetooth beacons in the mobile property of the outlets, the transportation and storage of the movable property can be easily digitally managed.

Following as our main BLE beacon selection chart: