How to choose Bluetooth gateway

What’s Bluetooth gateway?

Bluetooth gateway is a gateway device that integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device is mainly used for remote cloud management of iBeacon devices. In short, it is a scanning management device for iBeacon devices.

Bluetooth gateway integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, that means Bluetooth module scans the device and obtains data. Wi-Fi module obtains the scanned data and uploads the data to the server through the network. In detail, the Bluetooth module scans its signal. Cover the iBeacon devices and obtain the data of the scanned devices, and then submit the scanned devices to the server via the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi serial ports, and the server displays and manages these scanned devices.

What is the function of the Bluetooth gateway?

The main function of Bluetooth gateway is to perform reverse positioning. The reverse positioning uses Bluetooth gateway to upload the scanned Bluetooth data to the cloud server through the network and uses the RSSI in the Beacon device data scanned by the Bluetooth, and then in the background Through this RSSI value, the distance or range between iBeacon device and Bluetooth gateway can be determined, achieve the purpose of location tracking, and display the location of the Beacon device in real-time on the background map.

How to choose Bluetooth Gateway?

1. Protocol:

Whether Bluetooth gateway supports compatibility with current mainstream protocols. Because the Bluetooth protocol is constantly upgraded and brings new functions, the higher version of the Bluetooth gateway is compatible with the lower version of the Bluetooth protocol. When purchasing a Bluetooth gateway, try to choose the current latest protocol. If the current highest protocol is Bluetooth 5.0, choose the 5.0 Bluetooth gateway, which is downward compatible with 4.2/4.0 and so on.

2. Centralized management and configuration

Bluetooth gateways are used for interconnection control. As an Internet control center, a project application requires hundreds or even thousands of Bluetooth gateway devices to be deployed according to the site. Therefore, choosing a Bluetooth gateway that can be centrally managed and configured can save worry and effort, and all gateways can be upgraded or changed in batches instead of changing one Bluetooth gateway to one Bluetooth gateway.

3. Collecting, broadcasting, and connecting all services

If the Bluetooth gateway is only used for dedicated services without any changes, you can choose to support the corresponding functions. However, the use of a Bluetooth gateway for multiple services and multiple functions requires the Bluetooth gateway to support the full services of collection, broadcasting, and connection. This is also to prevent waste due to the fact that the Bluetooth gateway does not support when the application is changed.

4. Data filtering

The use of the Bluetooth gateway will receive interference from other Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area, so when choosing a Bluetooth gateway, you need to consider the Bluetooth gateway filtering method, which can expire other devices during work and reduce the processing of junk data.