Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi IoT Gateway

Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi IoT Gateway
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi IoT Gateway

BLM-DTU03L is BLE 5.0 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Gateway, it supports scanning mode, could collects Bluetooth Beacon ID, RSSI signal, and iBeacon parameter and others Bluetooth device information.

  • Product No.: BLM-DTU03L



BLM-DTU03L is a BLE5.0 Bluetooth gateway specially designed for the commercialization of the Bluetooth Internet of Things. It adopts a POE power supply or Type-C power supply, supports Ethernet and 2.4GHz WIFI access to the network, so as to realize the mutual connection of Bluetooth low energy consumption and MQTT protocol. In conversion, customers can remotely obtain data from Bluetooth low-energy devices through Internet applications.

BLM-DTU03L supports scanning mode. This mode is suitable for sending data from Bluetooth devices via Bluetooth broadcast. The reporting frequency supports customization. The number of devices that support a single package upload is up to 300, and it provides more than 20 filtering logic. BLM -DTU03L uses the json format to report data. The data content includes the gateway's own ID, Bluetooth terminal device ID, RSSI signal strength, broadcast channel, broadcast name, UUID, custom broadcast data, etc.

BLM-DTU03L supports connection mode. In this mode, it can establish a handshake with any third-party Bluetooth BLE device to send control commands.

Product Parameter:

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth BLE 5.0

Work Mode

Scanning Mode and Connection Mode

TX Power

0dBm~+24dBm (Default +23dBm)



Power Supply

802.3at POE/ Type-C 5-12V

Work Temperature


Work Range

100m coverage radius (open distance)

Wi-Fi Work Mode

AP, Client, Bridge

Wi-Fi Protocol

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Data-interchange Format


Main Features:
 ● Support BLE to 2.4G WIFI, BLE to RJ45
 ● POE power supply/ type-C power supply
 ● Ceiling/Wall Mounting
 ● Configuration interface open
 ● Support multiple filtering modes
 ● Reserved USB interface/TF card interface


 ● Smart campus:
campus temperature monitoring system for class resumption, student positioning, check-in and check-in

 ● Smart medical treatment:
infusion monitoring and early warning system, body temperature monitoring system, patient positioning, health monitoring

 ● Smart elderly care:
health monitoring and early warning, elderly positioning

 ● Smart factory:
asset monitoring, personnel positioning

 ● Smart City:
Environmental Monitoring

 ● Smart agriculture and animal husbandry:
livestock positioning, livestock identification, greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring


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