Bluetooth for Industrial IoT

Industrial production sites involve a large number of production equipment, production application systems, production materials, products, and personnel. The Industrial Internet of Things is to connect all production factors through a stable, reliable, and easy-to-manage network.

The industrial field environment is complex, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to deploy the Industrial Internet of Things in a wired manner, and it is difficult to support once business changes occur. In the industrial Internet of Things scenario, a wireless network is required to support. Common wireless networks include NB-IoT and 5G of the wide area network. Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee and other networks in the network and local area network to choose from, because the industrial site requires low power consumption, stability and versatility, Bluetooth is the best choice.

In response to the needs of the industrial Internet of Things, Bluetooth gateways mainly help companies solve the following problems:

Positioning of asset and personnel

The Bluetooth gateway cooperates with the Bluetooth positioning terminal to achieve indoor real-time positioning, helping industrial enterprises to understand the distribution of on-site personnel at any time. At the same time, it combines asset tags to realize the location tracking and service of raw materials, products, and mobile devices. The mini beacon BLM-BC05L is ble 5.1 tag for the asset and personnel positioning application.

Machine monitoring sensor

Machine monitoring sensors are a hot spot in the development of the current industrial Internet of Things. By adopting the monitoring of vibration, displacement, settlement and other parameters, it can predict the reliability of industrial equipment, realize early detection and early maintenance, and ensure the smooth progress of production and reduce Even put an end to the loss caused by equipment downtime.

Industrial environment monitoring

For industrial sites, including water immersion, liquid level, temperature, humidity, dust concentration, light and other industrial site environmental data, abnormal indicators can be found at any time to prevent product quality or other potential risks caused by environmental changes. BLM-KTB801 support add temperature and humidity sensor, for more information, welcome contact the sales. 

Worker vital signs monitoring

For workers in special areas, through monitoring the vital signs of workers' heart rate, blood oxygen, etc., once abnormalities, exit immediately to reduce the impact of the environment on human health.

The Bluetooth gateway launched by BLM World for industrial sites has good versatility (supports Bluetooth device access above Bluetooth 4.2 protocol), easy maintenance (, long transmission (up to 300 meters transmission distance), large capacity (per second) It can receive data from 200 devices and can connect 40 Bluetooth devices for two-way data transmission at the same time) to help users realize the transformation of the industrial Internet of Things.