Single mode BLE data transmission module BK3231SF F-9688

Single mode BLE data transmission module BK3231SF F-9688
  • Single mode BLE data transmission module BK3231SF F-9688

BLE data transmission module,audio+data transmission module

  • Product No.: F-9688


Model F-9688
Bluetooth version Bluetooth V4.0
Voltage DC2.0-3.6V
Current ≤10mA(Simple application 200uA~1mA)
Standby current <2uA
Temperature range -40ºC TO +80ºC
Wireless transmission range 0~100 meters
Power  Max4dBm
Sensitivity  -93dBm<0.1%BER
Frequency  2.4GHz-2.480GHz
External interface IO,UART,SPI,PWM,ADC,IIC 
Module Dimension  16.57mm*12.19mm*1.8 
IO feature
 Input 6ma, output 3.9ma, internal pull-down 50k

Product overview:
  F-9688 Bluetooth module is BLE single-mode data transmission module (suitable for small data very low power transmission, does not support voice, mainly used for control), we supply customer sample is serial port transparent transmission module, other programs, applications need to be customized .

 Module characteristics:
A.BLM world Limited is the first one solved perfectly Android system  (Android 4.4 is perfectly compatible, 4.3 system only supports one-way),IOS system and F-9688 bluetooth module by two-way transmission
B.The user interface uses a universal serial port design, full-duplex two-way communication, and the baud rate ranges from 9600 to 115200 bps
C.the default 20ms connection interval, the connection is fast
D.Support the AT command software reset module to obtain the MAC address.
E.Support AT command to adjust the bluetooth connection interval and control different forwarding rates. (Dynamic power adjustment).
F.Support AT command to adjust the transmit power, modify the broadcast interval, customize the broadcast data, set the data delay (user CPU serial port connection time), modify the serial port baud rate, modify the module name, and save power
G.The serial port data packet length is 20 bytes per pass
H.very low power standby mode


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